Websites, Domains and Facebook...oh my.

As tech savvy as I might think I am, making everything work together in the cyberworld requires a lot more thought and pre-planning than one might expect.  Getting a site up and running is one thing...making it work with a new domain name, setting up an email account and getting it all playing nicely with your established web presence is another.  In addition, there are just so many social media outlets out there, it's tough to decide which ones are worth my while.  I'd much rather be out shooting than futzing around on half a dozen social media sites.  Not to mention the possibility that some of them may not be around 6 months from now or may just become irrelevant (I'm looking at you MySpace!)  

So for now, bear with me.  Don't get used to things because I might change it all tomorrow.   

There will definitely be more to come on this blog.  Hopefully, it can become a place for me to share not just photos, but the stories behind the people, places and things in those photos.  Photography is nothing if not a way in which to tell a story and it is those stories that get me excited about what I do.

So stay tuned for more!